Pop Physique with Jennifer Williams

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Professional ballerina turned Pilates instructor, Jennifer Williams, founded Pop Physique when she couldn’t find the right workout. Fusing her professional ballet background with her Pilates training, Jen created a workout she liked and gave her the results she wanted. Happy with what she built, Jen decided to share it with others and opened Pop in 2008. Since then, the success and popularity of the brand has grown and continues to grow today.

The Pop life is all about creating an active and healthy lifestyle. “It’s about exercise and healthy habits blending into daily life in an authentic way that fits into your lifestyle without it being a chore.” Pop Physique is meant to be an hour getaway to help you relieve stress and make you feel more grounded and focused the rest of your day.

Designed by Matteo Perra.

Pop Physique is greatly influenced by its L.A. roots and Jen’s professional dance experience. The brand has expanded from L.A. into studios in New York City, San Francisco and Canada. The hour long class is a work out composed of exercise inspired by the Lotte Berk method – a mix of yoga, dance and strength training- and ballet techniques. Simply put it’s a barre- dance fusion class that encompass both the body and mind. While they attract mostly women, men are always welcome and encourage to join the classes. The workout has great benefits to both men’s and women’s physiques.

Photo by Sidney Bensimon.

As Pop Physique has grown over the years so have their clients’ strength. The technique evolves with the brand and has gotten more challenging as time goes on. With a strong a loyal client base, Pop Physique keeps their community working hard and striving for more. “It’s exciting to see our clients grow with us.”

Photo by Ginny Guzman.

Pop Physique’s clients are not only dedicated to their fitness but also to their style. Athleisure has been of interest to the brand and its community since before it was popular. “Comparing when I started Pop to now, fitness is a much bigger priority for most people. I think fitness changed the fashion world.” They offer their clients Pop apparel which includes their fun line of ‘Pop Socks’.

Photo by Sidney Bensimon.

Looking to the future, Jen shared that now and always, her goal is to give her kids the best life possible and stay true to her passions- health style and authenticity. As for Pop Physique, Jen says, “I would love to keep growing and evolving wherever that takes us, while staying true to my original vision of making an effective classed contained in a fun space and keeping it affordable and accessible”.

By: Sarah Elaine Rossi