Prada’s Marchesi 1824 makes UK landfall

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Marchesi 1824, a very upscale café, has opened on London’s very upscale Mount Street, in Mayfair. Nothing terribly unusual about that perhaps, but what sets this one apart and what is likely to get the fashion crowd’s attention is that the pasticceria is part-owned by Prada.

Prada, of course, has something of a track record when it comes to food and cafes bearing the familiar black and white tiles and the pistachio-green that are part of the brand’s identity. That said, this is the first Marchesi 1824 (the year in which the first café opened, in Milan) outside Italy and in spite of the much-covered uncertainty for retailers and hospitality operators in the UK at the moment, there is a sense that this is part of the luxury wave that seems to carry on regardless of the economic backdrop.

As for the shop itself, its time-honoured interior, which looks like a little piece of the 19th century transplanted into 21st century central London, looks as if it will quickly become part of the Mayfair landscape. It opened yesterday.