Primark Arrives in the Midwest

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In spite of the pandemic and a large number of its stores being closed in consequence, Primark has continued expanding and entering markets. It has actually been in the US since 2015, in Boston, but until last week it had confined its activities to the East Coast.

Now it has made it to the continental interior with the opening of a three-story flagship in Chicago. The new Midwest branch trades from 43,000 sq ft in The Loop, it is on North State Street, and is on the site of a former Gap store, which vacated the premises in 2017.

Any resemblance to the previous occupant has been erased, however, thanks to Primark’s use of its signature aqua blue that has been deployed to create the appearance of columns between the windows on the frontage.

Within, as elsewhere, the retailer has been at pains to bond itself to its location with an in-store NBA area featuring Chicago Bulls merchandise, among other things.

The opening of every Primark of size is something of an event wherever it takes place and this one is no exception.