Printemps for Benetton

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Benetton has opened a large concession in French department store Printemp’s Boulevard Haussmann flagship. While there is nothing terribly unusual about that perhaps, it is the manner in which it has been done that makes it noteworthy.

The 200 sq m space is split into two parts with one area being for what the brand refers to as its ‘premium collections’ (well, this is Paris and it is a ‘Grand Magasin’), while the other is a theatre in the round space with knitwear where some of the audience would be and the central ‘stage’ being for the displays. The latter takes the form of tall glass receptacles filled with brightly-coloured materials, mimicking the knitwear around the space’s perimeter.

The theatre area is also home to customer seating and the two parts of the shop are united by a paint trail graphic which runs from the faux paint pots on a wall, which collectively describe the Benetton logo, providing a coloured link across the whole of the shop-in-shop.