Puma leaps onto Fifth Avenue

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Think sportswear and running shoes in New York and you’ll probably have a picture either of an Adidas outpost or one of the several Nike stores (with the Fifth Avenue store being the likeliest contender as far as the latter is concerned) dotted around Manhattan.

It is less probable that Puma will come to mind, yet in spite of only being the ninth most popular sneaker brand in the US, the big cat is likely to spring up the rankings (in NYC at least) thanks to the opening of a Fifth Avenue flagship last week. This is a two-floor, 18,000 sq ft affair, making is something of a showstopper and from the outside, it is a brightly lit glazed confection with the Puma logo stretching across the glass.

Inside, the store is spacious and the emphasis is perhaps rather more on looking good than sports performance – which should chime with mere mortals, rather than those pounding round Central Park.

In terms of layout, it’s shoes and sportswear on the ground and kids in the basement and if the moods takes the shopper, it is possible to climb into an F1 Mercedes or Red Bull car and take a virtual drive – clad in Puma shoes, presumably.