Putting Gucci In Your Home

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One of the perennial problems when it comes to furnishing a house or apartment is what it will look like when the items purchased arrive and are in situ. Perhaps with this in mind, Gucci has launched a two-floor pop-up on Milan’s Via Spirito Sancto where visitors can use an app from the brand to place items that are on view in the shop on images that they may have of their home.

This relatively simple idea is, of course, dependent on slick execution, both in terms of the pictures that the user has of a dwelling and the software that makes it possible.  It is pretty handy when it comes to furnishing an interior Gucci style as the quasi-Baroque ranges that comprise the current collection will make a statement- whatever the status of an existing interior.

Should the shopper tire of putting sofas, cushions and suchlike into the interior of their choice, the Gucci app also provides users with a visual tour of the Piazza Duomo, among other ‘places of interest’ in the city.