Putting the Good in Gooods

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Should you wish to ensure that your shoppers beat a path to your door and maybe even linger a little longer than might usually be the case, then locating a store next to a lake in Switzerland might be a winning strategy.

gooods’, a new convenience format from Swiss food retailer Migros, not only has a tasteful and unhurried interior, but it also has a ‘great winter garden’, as the retailer puts it, and it is indeed adjacent to lake. And in truth, although the footprint is diminutive, this is more about lifestyle (think oat milk, organic coffee and unpackaged items sold by weight, rather than prepackaged) than convenience, in spite of it the fact that it is located at the Tiefenbrunnen railway station.

Given that this is also, to an extent, about food on the go, it is also about speed. To this end, there is the gooods scan and go app, meaning that getting in and out can take as long as you need it to.

Pics: gooods