Qatar’s National Museum gets shoppers through the doors

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If you want to see new store design, one of the better places to start these days is a museum shop and the gift stores in the Jean Nouvel-designed National Museum of Qatar in Doha is a case in point.

Here, Australian practice Koichi Takada Architects has built the two stores that mark the end of any visit to a modern, self-respecting museum visit, modelling them on the astonishing canyon-like Dahl Al Misfir, a cave in the centre of the Emirate.

Assembled from 40,000 individual pieces of wood and created using 3D modelling on a computer, the interior is as much a space to be looked at as anything in the museum itself and also continues the visitor’s sense of wonder when looking at the main building’s organic form.

In terms of visual merchandising, the struggle will clearly be to get shoppers to look at the products on display, but if the job of a store is to get potential customers through the door, then there is much to be said for what has been done here.

The museum opened at the end of March.