Qucon opens Tokyo space

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It’s probably fair to say that the market for skateboards and associated paraphernalia is a youthful one and this is certainly true in the newly opened Qucon in Tokyo. Qucon is a skate park and lounge in the city’s Shinbashi-Toranomon area, traditionally a somewhat conservative area that is home to business.

Qucon, by contrast, has an external 130 sq m skate park and within there is space for those taking a break from boarding, with relaxation and events areas, as well as a retail presence. The interior is intended to replicate the external skate park, with curved white walls and raw wood furnishings and skateboards on the walls, just in case the visitor somehow misses the point. This is a commercial space, however, and a curved wooden sales counter makes the point, along with Eames cabinets, chairs and a parquet floor – all permitting retail to run its course.

It is also a relatively low-key enterprise, housed on the ground floor of a modern-nine-floor red brick-clad building.

The store opened at the end of March.