Rapha Makes a Good Thing Better

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Sometimes taking what you have and doing more with it is the pathway to greater things and while cyclewear store and cafe Rapha in London’s Soho was already a Mecca for the two-wheeled fraternity, its newly completed expansion makes it something of a must-visit.

The cafe, which was close to becoming the reason for visiting for many, remains, but has been upgraded with details such as a drink chiller set into the counter and stand, as well as sit, tables, making this feel distinctly slick espresso bar.

It is the shop that has seen the real change however.  As a whole, the ‘store’ has doubled in size, thanks to Rapha’s appropriation of the Wolsey menswear premises next door, following that brand’s vacation of the unit. This has meant the opportunity to create an interior where dark wood strikes the keynote and in which the midshop is filled with gallery-like displays that allow some of the more iconic pieces of Rapha clothing to be given an outing.

Rapha continues to set the standard for those in search of relaxation as much as eating up the miles.

Images: Rapha, Felicity McCabe