Raspberry Pi for Cambridge

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It’s easy to buy a computer these days, just wander into the nearest shiny store and take your pick from the dozens of laptops and tablets that sit on tables waiting to be admired. But what about the precious few who want something a little different, who want to have a measure of control over what is inside the machine of their choice and who perhaps desire to understand the arcane world of coding?

Welcome Raspberry Pi, a 1,175 sq ft store for computer builders and those in search of understanding when it comes to coding. Located in Cambridges’s Grand Arcade shopping centre, this is a store that looks in many ways like a conventional tech shop. The difference is that it is a store of parts, the kind of place that will be visited by those who buy boxes containing everything from a ‘motherboard’ to a computer mouse, all intended to educate as much as operate and to make building a credit card-sized computer relatively simple.

There is also a ‘museum bar’ at the back of the shop – a place where shoppers can view the first Pi computers and get a sense of what the brand is about.

The Raspberry Pi store opened last week.