Relaxing and reading at Uniqlo in Montreal

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What do you go to a Uniqlo store for? For the overwhelming majority of shoppers it’s about inexpensive, fashion basics in a broad range of colours. It tends not to be about books. Yet visitors to the recently-opened branch in Montreal, the second, and biggest, in Canada, can take their children to the multi-floor store and sit down to read.

Uniqlo has partnered with local bookshops to create a reading corner in which those minded to do so can sit down and browse a range of kids books. There’s actually no obligation to buy, although you can, but rather to offer something that is different from the fashion standard and a place in which mobile phones are less essential than might normally be the case.

There is clothing, of course, with the rest of the store featuring Uniqlo’s signature table presentation and dense merchandising, but for those who want something else again, as well as the bookshop there is a pop-up space that will feature merchandise from local traders and stores. Until November 15th (the store opened at the end of October), this was a florist. This should provide a few extra reasons for visiting this one, in preference to rivals.