Rewe Says Ja! to German Food

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Germany’s top five most loved meals are on offer in a pop-up named Ja!, from Rewe, in the heart of Berlin’s trendy Mitte district. Those wishing to sample such delicacies as beef roulade, schnitzel or pasta casserole, can do so in bite-sized portions in the shop, prior to looking at the menu for their creation and then buying the ingredients to create the same thing back home.

It’s a simple idea and the idea behind it is equally simple. Rewe has a reputation for being a little upscale and in the highly competitive German grocery market it is conscious that the appeal of Lidl and Aldi, based on price, may outweigh the more aspirational feel of its stores. Ja! is therefore not just about the top five German meals (according to Rewe), but also about showing how buying the ingredients for them needn’t be expensive.

The store, which is located in a former H&M unit, has been open for nearly two weeks now and it closes on Saturday.