Rewe’s Cologne ‘Hybrid’ is a Shop for All Shoppers

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One of the potential problems with ‘seamless’ convenience shopping (stores in which there are no checkouts and customers just select and walk out with payment being taken automatically via an app) is what happens when the website that controls the app goes down?

The short answer is probably that the shop can’t operate and perhaps with this in mind German supermarket giant Rewe has just revealed one of its ‘City’ stores in Cologne that allows shoppers to shop ‘seamlessly’ or to head for a checkout: the store offer both options.

As such, this is a hybrid store and could well be the way of the future. It also means that this is a store that is not just about early adopters, offering something for, more-or-less, all comers. Convenience retail continues to be one of the hotspots as far as developing new ways of shopping is concerned and others will be watching this one closely.

Pics: Rewe