Rimowa Arrives in Tokyo

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For many, the experience of buying luggage is one that has an almost tawdry quality about it:

Stores with labels on them that scream ‘X% off’. And if this doesn’t work, there are always the unwanted corners of department stores where luggage is usually stacked high.

There are exceptions however and one of these is upscale German brand Rimowa, the name best known for aluminium suitcases of the kind that will mark the owner out as well-to-do when standing at the carousel. And if proof of the brand’s credentials were needed, a trip to Tokyo’s Ginza district might be in order. This is where Japan’s first standalone Rimowa store has just opened and at just shy of 900 sq m, the store is not only a repository of travel products, it is also a minimalist thing of beauty.

From the outside, the window surround is intended to remind the onlooker of the brand’s use of metal for its ranges, while within all is white and wood-based, with a spiral staircase backed by a basketweave backdrop, in imitation of traditional Japanese handicrafts.

All of which means that this is a combination of heritage and modernity and one that may persuade shoppers to part with the considerable sums involved in buying a piece of Rimowa merchandise.