Rimowa Lands in Causeway Bay

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As a design mantra, when in doubt, use some of the colour of the product you are selling to inform the palette of the store as a whole.

This certainly appears to be what has been done at the newly launched Rimowa store in Hong Kong’s Lee Gardens in upscale Causeway Bay. The luggage brand, best known for its ridged metal suitcases, has taken dusty pink as the color for the exposed ductwork ceiling and upper perimeter, mirroring some of the items on display on the shelving and mid-shop display units.

The store also has a ‘sticker wall’, made from vertical metal panels and intended to mimic a traditional Chinese painting/scroll. It features images of cities from around the world, reminding the onlooker, the brand hopes, of the International nature of the Rimowa offer.

This is luxury territory and as such is not for the faint of wallet, but even if you can’t afford the prices, it’s worth taking a look at for the effective use of colour.