Rimowa’s shop in a suitcase

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Creating store interiors and exteriors that mirror the product that is being sold is not new – burger-shaped kiosks selling meat patties in bread buns have been around since at least the middle of the last century. That said, more recently international brands have been looking at ways in which they can lift the appeal of their products and this is seen as one way in which this can be done.

The move was apparent in 2017 when Apple opened a store in Chicago whose roof looked like one of the tech brand’s laptop computers and it managed to generate a lot of press. Now Rimowa, the manufacturer of those winsome metal suitcases that make a big hole in the wallet, has opened a store in Singapore’s Raffles Hotel where part of the interior has been modelled on the inside of one of its pieces of luggage.

Put simply, this takes the form of a convex wall behind the cash desk that has been sprayed to make it look like metal and which is also used as a display vehicle for more metal suitcases. It’s actually a very simple device, but it does work in terms of creating awareness and interest.