Round and Round in Galeries Lafayette

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The circular economy is something that is much talked about in retail circles currently, although for many the reality remains a disposable consumer culture where tomorrow’s sale of something new means that yesterday’s items become, ultimately another form of landfill.

Perhaps with this in mind, Galeries Lafayette has opened RE[STORE], a fairly substantial space within its Boulevard Haussmann flagship in Paris. This is broken down into five zones: : ‘[Re]Think’, ‘[Re]Store’, ‘[Re]Fresh’, ‘[Re]Cycle’ and [Re]Start’, each part of the effort to (re)use articles that have already had a previous owner, either by giving them a dust and polish or, in some instances, by using them in a different manner.

To this end, RE[STORE] has a private space in which shoppers can bring in their ‘already loved’ items, to be sold again on the shelves of an emporium which, for many, embodies Parisian fashion. For some, this might seem to indicate something along the lines of a charity shop, but the stock and the price tickets on it clearly indicate that this is not the case!

Pics: Galeries Lafayette