Saatva Relaxes on Third Avenue

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Manhattan’s Upper East Side is the location of the first Saatva store to move beyond the confines of the virtual world. Saatva is an online luxury mattress company, established in 2014, that wishes to get a slice of the physical action, having established itself as one of the largest online players in North America in the sector.

The store is a thing of subdued beauty with a relaxing sky-blue ceiling, good for staring up at while test-driving the merchandise in the ‘Viewing Room’ (aka the 3,300 sq ft shop), and a muted palette around the rest of the interior.

This is, of course, a digital company that is making the shift towards the real world and as such the iPads and screens next to each mattress offering product information are wholly to be expected.

Plans are already in place for further physical Saatva stores to be opened, away from the Big Apple, during the course of 2020.