Saks; the latest men’s footwear destination

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Nothing is immune from the vagaries of taste and fashion, but when many are struggling currently men’s footwear is one of those categories that seems to defy the odds and for many it is something of a lifesaver.

On New York’s Fifth Avenue, Saks is a case in point. The store as a whole is in the throes of a $250m makeover and the latest department to have a magic wand waved over it is men’s shoes. It is now much bigger (8,000 sq ft), has a staircase in its middle leading up to menswear on the floor above and as well as being a new destination in its own right, has visual merchandising of the kind that will make the shopper stop to take a look around.

The other point about men and shoe shopping is that seating is a sine qua non and to this end, there is a central bank of plush seating, with individual chairs placed around the space. Overhead, it’s chandeliers, ensuring that all the signals are in place to indicate that this is a luxury proposition.

There are plenty of places in New York to buy a pair of men’s shoes, but this latest arrival does look as if it will raise the gaze.