Salvatore Ferragamo on the Move in Hong Kong

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Luxury to go, or perhaps luxury on the move, is the underlying theme of a ‘truck’ that is doing the rounds of some of Hong Kong’s more affluent neighbourhoods until tomorrow night. The vehicle is in fact a pop-up, of a kind, promoting a new collection from Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo, alongside the work of four Hong Kong-based artists.

The truck itself is a tribute to a mid-century Bing Sutt, a mobile food counter, and is  covered with a horseshoe-shaped motif which brand devotees will recognise and presumably come running. When they do, they will see a vehicle with one open side, allowing views of the interior, which consists of open fridges and product niches and shelves along the wall, all used to display Ferragamo product.

The art is peppered among all of this and consists, for the most part, of paintings.

Images courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo