Samsung Opens Brand Havens in the US

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Experience being the order of the day as far as retail is concerned, what should a brand do to make its mark on the world of physical retail? For an answer, perhaps, it might be worth considering the path that Samsung has followed to mark both the 10th birthday of its Galaxy mobile phone range and to launch the Galaxy S10.

On February 20th, the South Korean tech giant opened three ‘experience stores’ on the same day in the US, in The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles; Roosevelt Field on Long Island in Garden City, NY and The Galleria in Houston.

Each outpost follows more or less the same lines with mid-shop tables bearing phones, a blond wood amphitheater-style seating area with cushions and a series of areas around the stores in which fans of the Galaxy can get up close and personal with its various capabilities.

All well and good, but is it any different from what Apple does? To an extent it is not, but then as Apple has provided the template for almost any upscale phone/computer retailer, this is to be expected. What these stores do succeed in doing is providing a brand haven, somewhere that Samsung owners can call their own, as well as buying/upgrading another handset.