Seattle Lounging From AT&T

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Very possibly the last thing that Seattle, home of Starbucks and numerous indie coffee outfits, needs is another coffee shop, but perhaps coupling it with a phone and network provider will prove attractive and be something new.

The store is AT&T’s “The Lounge” and the idea is that this is about taking the latest thinking from the telecoms giant to the people who are likely to want it. With this in mind, The Lounge is located in the city’s affluent and tech savvy Capitol Hill area and the thing that marks it out is the fact that shoppers are encouraged to explore the store using the AT&T app. This means there is less hardware in the store than might otherwise be the case, although there is a digital click and collect hatch and a self-serve kiosk where you can activate an AT&T device.

Just as importantly in the city that styles itself the home of coffee is ‘Ada’s Discovery Café’, an indie that has teamed up with AT&T to make this is a place where visitors may want to hang out. For some, coffee makes the world go round and AT&T must be hoping that this proves to be the case with The Lounge.