Selfridges Opens a Permanent In-Store Cinema

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Fancy a night at the cinema? If you happen to live in London there are a multiplicity of different options from mass market full Dolby surround-sound to miniscule ‘boutique’ cinemas where just a few people turn up to a view something you’ll probably never have heard of.

All of them tend to be in standalone locations, with the occasional one in a hotel, but until yesterday heading into a department store would not have been one of the choices that could be made. Now it is and Selfridges has opened what it claims is the world’s first permanent cinema in a department store.

It has three screens, a bar and an a la carte restaurant as well as a ‘silent snack’ menu for those who want to munch without the crunch while watching a movie.

It is also an opulent fit-out, with velvet seats and the sense that this is yet another reason to spend time in one of the best shops in central London.