Selfridges Unveils Gaming Department on Oxford Street

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A gaming shop-in-shop has opened in the basement of Selfridges, Oxford Street, aimed at satisfying the demand that has boomed during lockdown for sitting behind a screen and playing games with others, or alone.

The 200 sq m space is set apart from the rest of the shop by an internally-lit frame used to contain a series of tables booths in which everything from retro arcade games to a bookable Aston Martin virtual experience can be assessed. The object, of course, is to sell both hard and software, but the point perhaps about the whole enterprise is that it is a good attempt at combining the digital and physical – an objective for many retailers currently.

It also happens to standout from its surroundings, including a well-stocked tech department, in a manner that should ensure that gamers make it part of a visit to the West End.

Pics: Selfridges