Setting Up Home with Levi’s Haus

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Levi’s Haus, a new concept from the jeans brand, opened in London’s Soho this week and for those in search of something different when it comes to denim, this could be an answer.

The store is actually next door to the Levi’s corporate office and consists of two floors with both offering variations on the theme of ‘recycle’, ‘reimagine’, ‘repair’, meaning that shoppers can have their jeans mended, turned into something else or made bespoke (the ‘reimagine’ bit).

In terms of the internal appearance, there is a handmade quality about what has been done, with the usual exposed brickwork, plywood fixturing to act as work stations for the in-store tailors and display plinths as well as a good-looking recycled wood herringbone floor, of the kind that is de rigeur if emphasising heritage is the goal.

There are in fact a number of standalone Levi’s stores in the area, with each doing something slightly different from the others, but this one should have sufficient blue water between it and its sisters to ensure that it has a steady stream of circular economy shoppers.