Shanghai’s sky-high bookshop

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Located on the 52nd floor of the Shanghai Tower in the city of the same name, the newly-opened Duoyun bookshop must be a contender for the world’s highest bookshop above ground level.

Practically, this means a 24,316 sq ft store where the views will vie for attention with the books on the shelves and if booklovers can tear themselves away from the 60,000 volumes on display, there is also a pretty good café as part of the mix. The curious thing is that this store, designed by local act Wutopia Lab, is hot news in a country where it looked for a while as if the world of the internet and the virtual might sweep all before it.

And in the middle of the store there is a backlit semi-darkened room which is home to an in-store concession for The London Review of Books.

In total, this is an unexpected  treat for those who read books and those who don’t.