Shoppable Showrooms | Q&A with Batch Founder Lindsay Meyer

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Batch, a new retail model spearheaded by Lindsay Meyer, is  a “shoppable” showroom for home and lifestyle brands. This cool new concept brings digital natives into a physical space thoughtfully curated under unifying themes that change every 8-10 weeks along with the ‘batch’ of products. Learn more about Batch and its founder in this Q&A with Lindsay! 

Can you tell us a little about your background and the inspiration for starting Batch?

I took what most would consider a non-traditional route to retail, starting my career in biotech and eventually making life sciences investments as a venture capital analyst. While healthcare was a meaningful career choice, my natural curiosities as a consumer led me to change industries in my late-20’s. I spent a few years acquiring a portfolio of experiences across e-commerce, fashion, and entrepreneurship through roles with One Kings Lane, Mission Statement (Hilary Swank’s luxury athleisure line), and Active Collective, a company I founded in 2014.

In late 2016, I was tapped to help a local investment firm start a new retail business that would turn homes into pop-up retail spaces. Today this is our shoppable staging business, supported by two showroom locations where customers can discover, browse, and buy a revolving assortment of products for up-and-coming brands.

Batch has 2 locations, are there plans to open more?

We’re fortunate to be operational in major cities on both coasts. There are tremendous opportunities in both San Francisco and New York and we’re not even two years old, yet! That said, we have always envisioned this is a nationally-known brand.

How is each batches’ theme decided?

The entire year is mapped into 6 different seasons, each of approximately 8-10 weeks. Our thematic nature is purposeful and strategic. We like to build collections that resonate with different interest groups, whether that’s men, dog-owners, expectant parents, and more. When our collections are cohesive, the storytelling is stronger.

Can you tell us about Batch Showcases?

We call our shoppable staging business “Showcase.” We work with high-end residential realtors, developers, and builders to provide staging services for private homes, model units, and design showcases. We outfit attractive homes listed under $2M with furnishings and accessories for prospective buyers to browse and buy. Many of the pieces available to purchase in our Showcases originated in one of our Showroom locations.

Where do the design concepts for Batch stores come from?

We see our role as curators of brands and we work diligently to ensure the showroom experiences reflect that. We work to edit the environment all the time to reflect the essence of whatever theme the Batch is built around. Since the Batches currently start in San Francisco and then head east to New York, we do a lot of experimentation with placement and merchandising in our home market with the team here.

How do you choose who you partner with?

We’ve been fortunate to partner with over 200 incredible businesses since launch. We rely heavily on discovery platforms, like Instagram, word of mouth and recommendations.

What are your thoughts on the current state of retail and the direction it’s headed?

It used to be that stores served a higher-order purpose when they were the only way to acquire certain goods. Today, there are more options than ever to buy different products, and for many types of goods, an ever-increasing number of choices. It’s a rich-era to live in as a consumer, but a challenging time for the companies that make and sell products.

I’m fascinated by how my generation is reshaping almost every aspect of modern consumer life in America. We’re using our spending power to dictate different design preferences and choosing to channel dollars in the direction of the brands that align with our values.

The venues that the next era of shoppers will choose to visit on the path to purchasing many classes of products are also shifting. Batch benefits from being an earlier mover here and we are always learning things about how to be better and innovate further.

What are your passions?

I’m moved by the opportunity to make things more beautiful. I’m a  floral arranging fanatic. I have an enviable collection of vintage American postage stamps. I’m practically pro with pasta. I’m obsessed with my fluffy four-year-old rescue dog.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I adore a great hotel and I always enjoy flipping through catalogs and advertisements for beautiful photography and styling.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Nothing specific comes to mind, however, I’ve been manifesting a new mindset in the last year that “Everything you need has already been given to you.” This is a clever way to problem solve and be content with current circumstances. It’s quite easy to be tricked into believing that you need something more or different to achieve more happiness or success. When you strip the “more” out of it, sometimes you realize that what you already have is plenty.

By Sarah Elaine Rossi