Showfields shows off in Manhattan

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A four-floor department store measuring just shy of 15,000 sq ft where almost all of the brands on offer are from ‘digital first’ companies? This may not actually sound the most promising of ideas (even if it is a good example of the current retail zeitgeist), but it is the premise of the recently-opened Showfields on Bond Street, lower Manhattan.

Self-billed as “The most interesting store in the world”, this is in fact a space in which brands choose a space in the building, Showfields fits it out and staffs it and sales go straight to the brand-owners (less the cost of, effectively, renting the space). All of which means a store that is chock-full of different retail experiences and which boasts everything from food to fashion and on to home-wares.

The store also functions as an event and ‘community’ space and given the ephemeral nature of some of the brands that have existed up till now purely online, it seems probable that this ‘store’ will be an ever-changing mix. All of which means that while it may not be the planet’s ‘most interesting’ store, there will be much that is diverting.