Situ L!ve. Experience for Rent.

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Showrooms have been around for a while now – places you go to look at things and then, maybe, buy what you have seen via a mobile device later. That, in essence, is the premise of Situ L!ve, a store that has just welcomed its first shoppers this week, located in the Westfield London shopping centre in White City.

The difference between this and many others, however, is that what is on show in this 3,500 sq ft space is a range of big-name brands, from Maserati to Bosch, showing products all of which can be test-driven or demonstrated in-store. Each item bears a QR code and the idea is that shoppers scan this, save the result to their ‘favourites’ and then decide at their leisure whether to buy.

For the brands involved, Situ L!ve represents rentable space in a high-profile location, without the necessary cost of opening a store and for the retailer the revenues derive mainly from the tenants, rather than customers coming into the shop.

The claim made is that this is the ultimate ‘experience’ shop and, if nothing else, it does look slick.

Pictures: Situ L!ve