Skoping Menswear

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Menswear is a seemingly old-fashioned business involving selling products that increasingly few people actually wear and doing so with a level of in-store staffing that looks like a little slice of yesteryear. All of which has not deterred Skopes, a Leeds-based family firm specialising in the category, from setting up shop in the Westfield London shopping centre.

Designed by consultancy Dalziel + Pow, this is in some ways a look back to the days when service, even in the mid-market, was a given, but at the same time there are touches that place it firmly in the 21st century. From a 3D wall graphic of collars encased behind glass with the message ‘Find the perfect collar’, to a mirrored bar with orange sofas at the back of the shop (with the legend on the mirror “Effortlessly Cool”), this is all about tradition.

Yet bang in the middle of the shop there is a tall, orange service desk with tablets that means the shopper can browse online, place an order and organise delivery. The central position of this feature shows the value placed upon digital as much as the men in suits who are on hand to help as required. And the shop was busy when visited, proving perhaps that men’s business and formalwear is still in demand. The shop opened yesterday.