SND Opens Temple to Fashion in Chongqing

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The new SND store in Chongqing, southwest China, measures 288 sq m, stocks fashion labels from around the world and is distinctly aspirational. Were that the end of the story it would be like many others, but what sets this one apart is the work done by Various Associates, a Shenzhen-based architectural practice.

In essence, this is a store that has stock (and much of it will appeal), but it is the storescape that really captures the gaze with glazed galleries that act as in-store shop windows and long, long smooth terracotta coloured lines and walls that force the visitor to stare through the length of this elongated space.

There is also a quasi-temple structure that dominates a fair portion of the interior and for those venturing through its geometric entrance the feel is shiny and futuristic. The rest of the store benefits from a number of large windows that not only afford shoppers good views of one of Chongqing’s more aspirational neighbourhoods, but also give the store a natural daylight boost.