SNS: In Tune with its Surroundings

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Stockholm-based online and physical retailer Sneakersnstuff, or SNS as it is frequently referred to, has opened its sixth store, in Los Angeles. Designed by Jenny Askenfors of Bofink Design Studio, this 3,450 sq ft store is in touch with its ocean side Venice Beach location.

Practically, this means a store with a Miami Deco ice cream turquoise frontage, coupled with an almost utilitarian style of industrial architecture.

Head inside and the promise of the alternative beach exterior is continued. On the left-hand side, at the front of the shop, a ‘Souvenir Shop’ equipped with reused wooden beams and metal display grids on the walls, is home to baseball caps, t-shirts and mugs, among other things. Further in, more wooden beams and a muted color scheme help to provide a neutral backdrop for the brightly-colored mid-shop furnishings (including a display table that describes a lazy ‘s’ in shape), as well as the vivid turquoise neon SNS sign behind the cash desk. Sculptures and yellow pendant lights in the form of flat disks complete the picture and make this a store that feels, if nothing else, Californian.

Given the laid-back nature of the Venice Beach, it should fit in well.