Sobeys Unveils a Legacy Store

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The problem that faces almost every food retailer is how to make a store sufficiently different from rivals that it will compete while at the same time ensuring that densities and ranging remains competent and attractive.

With this in mind, the newly opened Sobeys supermarket in Calgary’s Legacy district shows what is possible. The principal element that matters in this store is probably the interplay between good-looking, organic-feeling wood and a range of colours used to demarcate different product areas. Whether it’s white tiles, plain wood or grey wood overhead rafts, or green, used for fresh produce, it is quickly a simple matter to become familiar with the different in-store category areas and to read colour in the same way as words might be used in graphics.

Good use has also been made in this store of relatively low equipment – meaning that the usual rows of aisles are broadly absent. Instead, there are short merchandise blocks, meaning that sightlines are enhanced.

Sobeys intends to use what it has done in Legacy when it revamps other stores and the layout/design will also provide a future branch template.

Pics: Sobeys