Sofi Makes You Welcome in Berlin

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What is it about a retail space that makes you feel warm and welcomed? To judge by the number of wannabe ‘artisan’-style stores and hospitality spaces, the trick may be to make sure that an interior has an already-used feel about it, or alternatively to ensure that visually it has a hand-made quality.

This is certainly the case at the recently-opened Sofi Bakery in Berlin’s modish Mitte district. As a structure, this one is housed in a brick-built, former industrial unit in a courtyard in the city’s former eastern sector. Cleaned up and with wood used across the whole of its interior, this has a workmanlike sense about it (the other component that tends to make onlookers think ‘artisan’), a feeling that is reinforced by benches and a long-wooden table, both of which foster a communal vibe.

There is little about what has been done here that is original, but it is done well and in a manner that ensures that it shines in an area full of businesses of this kind.