Spending Time in a Service Station, Leeds

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In the normal scheme of things most people would not choose to spend a protracted period of time in a motorway service station, but a newly opened market/cafe format in Leeds might perhaps persuade those of this view to change their minds.

Sourced Market is, as the name would suggest, a food retailer with an emphasis on both the artisanal nature of its products and a place in which you may feel that you are harking back to something more traditional. It has two branches in London (one of which is currently closed, owing to Covid-19) and now it has a third, in the Leeds Skelton Lake services, at Junction 45 of the M1.

If it weren’t for the surrounding location, the service station opened earlier this year at a cost of £64m, the dark wood, bricks, tiling and large format graphics might convince that you had strayed into a food hall, or something similar.

Designed by YourStudio and Sourced Market, this is something of a mark in the sand as far as service station design is concerned and you might just want to spend a bit of time in this one.