Spinning Around Community | Michelle August Founder of SPINCO

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In 2014, Michelle August started a company with a goal of building a community. SPINCO grew from one spin studio to nine in just 4 short years and continues to grow its community of supportive and inclusive riders. 

SPINCO is a second home to the members of its community, staff and riders alike. Michelle’s aim is to provide a place where people feel like they belong. “SPINCO promotes a healthy, fun and well-rounded lifestyle.”

Founded on strong community values, SPINCO keeps them at the heart of everything they do, always putting their people first. “We are a lifestyle brand and a community that supports one another, a company that thrives on the ability to support each other in and out of the studio.”

“Unity in Teamwork: One team, one bike. Community& Exclusivity: Everyone is welcome, always. Positive, Contagious Energy: Lead with kindness; good vibes only. Work, Sweat, Achieve: What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you. Inspire: We do all things with passion and purpose.”

SPINCO has a diverse community of both men and women between the ages of 16 and 75. Michelle’s hope is to continue the company’s growth and open new communities all over her home country of Canada, as well as continue to build great partnerships and work with charities whose missions align with SPINCO’s. In the near future, we can expect to see the launch of SPINCO’s online store and exciting new apparel partnerships.

Presently and in the past, SPINCO has had clothing partnerships with popular brands like lululemon and Champion and many others. Always aiming to do the best for their community, SPINCO carefully selects the brands that they partner with. “We are very particular about the brands that we work with; we have very high standards for the quality of product we sell.” The upcoming online shop will be an exciting addition to the brand’s retail for the company and its riders.

Michelle is a strong proponent of the athleisure trend. “Athleisure wear being fashionable has made my life so much easier! There are so many companies making cool and unique activewear now- it’s been great for the fitness industry.”

Though it seems that women are the focus of the fitness world today, Michelle added that SPINCO’s branding attracts men and women. She also mentioned that while the fashion industry is saturated with women’s clothes, there are great men’s lines for activewear in the market now.

Michelle left us with some fun life advice that is up to you to interpret- “The more you bake, the bigger the cake!”

By: Sarah Elaine Rossi