Spirit of a Parisian Brand | An Interview with Sonia Limont-Ivanov

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As a young girl, Sonia started working in an Agnes B shop in Paris. Little did she know, that this job was going to be her entrée into the Parisian fashion world. As a natural consequence of her diligence, she was promoted to being an Assistant Store Manager, Area Manager and so on.

Today, with her refreshingly down to earth demeanor, she works as a Retail Director at Tara Jarmon, a Parisian fashion house. Here, she intends to distill her vision of fashion, sense of detail, choice of form, colors etc.

Sonia Limont- Ivanov

She admits that her first job really allowed her to trust herself. ‘Professional progression is a result of one’s willing to learn. It is an everyday challenge – wanting more responsibilities, being part of more and more projects and surprising yourself.’ she says.

Sonia embodies every spirit of the Parisian brand- smart, sensitive & empathetic. MiND spoke to her to get to know her up close & personal.

Sonia Limont- Ivanov

What is it like to be a Retail Director of a prominent fashion house and leading a team?

It’s a real bandmaster’ job. What’s fascinating is to be in the center of all operations and projects. It requires one to be reactive on what’s going on in the commercial sphere. As a team leader, I try to be just. That is a quality that imposes respect & trust. I share, discuss and involve my team in almost every topic.

Sonia Limont- Ivanov

What has been your greatest achievement professionally & personally?

Professionally, my greatest achievement is my journey in this business. I started my career from being a Sales Assistant in a shop, and occupying different positions over the years. Today I’m grateful to be a part of a brand like Tara Jarmon, holding a position with such great responsibility, where most of companies prefer to trust profiles coming out of Business Schools. To me, this is a very positive message which shows that nothing is impossible!

However, the biggest pride in my private life are my daughters of course!

Team at Tara Jarmon

Something that inspires you personally?

Vintage clothes, travel , music …all of it inspires me.

I am intrigued by Sociology. I try to observe and understand people, behavior in the society.  It allows me to think on a different level, and in turn better myself at my workplace, be a better mother and moreover be a better human.

“I am an aesthete, so all the beautiful things can be inspiring.”

Tara Jarmon

Speaking about Tara Jarmon, how important is Paris for the brand?

Tara Jarmon is a French brand in every essence.  Therefore, Paris and its high fashion culture is really essential to represent us and to illustrate our brand.

How does it distinguish itself from its competitors?

Tara Jarmon distinguishes from its competitors through its strong human values and strong professional values. Colors have been part of the brand DNA for decades! Also, Tara Jarmon dresses women for every different occasions: from daywear to wedding day. For instance with our last collaboration with the talented wedding dress maker Donatelle Godart

Tara Jarmon X Donatelle Godart

What store concepts and visual guidelines does Tara Jarmon follow?

We have recently changed our store concept. We brought a cozier and more feminine atmosphere where customers are at ease and feel comfortable to discover our collections. In terms of store display and visual merchandising, our collections are displayed as “mini stories”. We tend to change the display quite often so as to give the illusion of having a new collection every 2 weeks! Colombe Campana, the Artistic Director has a great sense of combining stunning colors and designs!

Any projects you are particularly excited to be working on?

All retail dedicated projects! Store openings, new windows displays. We are capitalizing on our presence in France & Europe, and we are targeting to expand in the Asian market.

By Akanksha Salunke