Standalone Time for Timothy Oulton

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Timothy Oulton is an upscale British furniture brand with an irreverent take on what that means. Practically, this can mean anything from Union flag-style leather sofas to chromed armchairs.

To date its products have been available via host stores, but now it has a standalone boutique in central Glasgow’s historic Princes Square (a red stone edifice dating from 1841 where the central courtyard was roofed and shop units were created within). This is a relatively small space, it measures 120 sqm, but the use of chandeliers, neon and table lights, make it feel bigger than it is and also provide distinct, semi-discrete settings for the merchandise, making the whole of the interior feel punk-moody.

It is also a temple for those who worship at the altar of visual merchandising. Nothing has been left to chance, from the circle of tennis rackets behind the two-seater leather-covered bar, to the choice of ‘coffee table’ books strewn around the place.

Prices are not cheap, but the environment itself provides an alert about what to expect.


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