Starbucks Goes Green in Vietnam

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When does a store or hospitality destination morph from being a run-of-the-mill enterprise and become an eco-green entity? One answer might be provided by the newly opened Starbucks in the Ecopark in Hung Yen, north of Hanoi in Vietnam.

The clue perhaps is in the location and it is quite hard to see the coffee brand being allowed park-space if it’s in situ branch didn’t look and act green. Practically, this means a long path along which a series of house gable-like frames have been placed, forming the introduction to the store proper (as well as being a place in which to drink coffee al fresco).

The major feature of the interior is a wooden louvered ceiling, with the same wood being used across the whole of the rest of the branch, for furniture and a serving ‘island’, where drinks and eats are prepared.

But does all of this qualify this to be an eco-Starbucks. Almost certainly and there will be a lot of sustainable references that can doubtless be produced on request. It is the look and feel that matters really, however.