Starbucks keeps it Local in Bangkok

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While others have been cautious about where and how many new stores they open, Starbucks continues to surprise with the size of its new branches, in East and South-East Asia, at least. And the new outpost in Bangkok is a case in point.

This is a Starbucks ‘Reserve’ (meaning bigger and with more ways of making coffee) and in spite of its size and two floors, care has been taken at almost every turn to ensure that it is appropriate to its location. The primary evidence of this is two-fold, with a carved wooden mural paying a nod to Thai craft, while overhead a multitude of lights of different shapes, sizes and colours pays tribute to the local way of brightening up a space, big or small.

This is about making the business of buying and the in-store store consumption of caffeine-laced drinks more interesting and giving customers reasons to remain in-situ.

There are more than 400 Starbucks branches in Thailand, but this is the biggest to date.