StockX appears in London

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Detroit-based StockX is a bit like the Stock Exchange – it’s an online vehicle for matching buyers with sellers with both parties striking a deal as regards the price of an item. It’s largely about rare sneakers and streetwear with a smattering of electronics and as such, you might be forgiven for thinking that this is something that is likely to remain virtual, rather than having any kind of physical avatar.

Yet a StockX pick up/delivery point has just opened on Brewer Street in London’s Soho and it looks for all the world like a sneaker led Gen Z emporium, complete with skateboards, screens with appropriate Skaterboy content and lighting bathing the interior in a toxic green. All this and a white neon cross in the ceiling, taken from the brand name.

This is in fact a drop off /collection hub and as such no physical retail will take place, but it will do much to raise the profile of StockX in the physical world. The digital and the physical continue along their colliding path.

Pics: StockX