Stone Island’s Piece of Hong Kong Modernism

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Italian menswear brand Stone Island has made landfall in Hong Kong with a 90 sq m store that houses the label’s full range. 

Located in Central, this is Stone Island’s fourth store in the region with Tokyo, Seoul and Daegu each having its own branch. For the Hong Kong store Stone Island called on the services of German architectural practice Zeichenweg and the outcome is a space that is an exercise in gentle modernism with green washed walls of different shades and an uncompromisingly stark white floor.

And although it is of the moment, the furniture looks like a piece of mid-century thinking. Finally worth mentioning is the lighting, while relies heavily on tracked spotlights of the kind that appears almost retro.

By raiding the past to create the future, the blueprint for this store is a clever piece of design manipulation and the kind of thing that shows that not everything has to be spankingly original or even new.