Stylerunner Breaks the Physical Tape in Melbourne

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Making the move from online to physical retail is every bit as much of a leap for the company concerned as it was, back in the day, when physical retailers began to toy with online retail as a means of boosting revenues and coping with changes in the marketplace.

The arrival in Melbourne of a Stylerunner store is a case in point. This is an outfit that has been trading online since 2012 and now it has a single physical outpost. As such, you’d expect this retailer, known for its upscale activewear and sneaker offer, to be offering that best that it can and the 200 sq m does not disappoint.

With a pair of tall, curved mid-shop, turquoise shelves, bearing sneakers, that enclose an oasis at the heart of the store and with a mirror overhead to visually increase the space, this is an eye-catching interior. Other elements include a pink ceiling, soft turquoise and pink mid-shop furniture and a neon ‘cloud’ (an installation of wavy tubes suspended from the ceiling).

Two more physical Stylerunner stores are planned and online retailers going physical do start with the obvious advantage of being able to do the best that is possible in a single store, rather than having to deal with a portfolio.