Supabarn Opens a Supermarket that is an Experience

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In the normal course of things, visiting a supermarket is unlikely to quicken the pulse. Occasionally, however, there are food retailers that make shopping for food both a pleasure and an experience and the recently-opened Supabarn in Kingston, Canberra, is a case in point.

This is a mid-sized supermarket where much is made not just of ‘fresh’, but also what can be done in situ with produce. This means pineapple and orange juicers (shopper operated), a coffee bean dispenser and a nut (various types) dispenser, among other things, all located on gondola ends and intended to provide a lift to those trawling the, admittedly, good-looking aisles.

Now couple all of this with wood-clad fixturing and plain, industrial-style finishes for the floors and pillars and the shopper is faced with something approaching a modish deli, rather than a beige(ish) supermarket interior.

Supabarn trades out of Sydney and Canberra and is family-owned and operated.