Superdry Provides New Blood for Oxford Street

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Refreshing a brand that may be past its zenith is never straightforward, but Superdry may have turned a fairly sharp corner with the opening of a flagship on London’s Oxford Street this morning.

The store replaces the one that it operated on nearby Regent Street and where that one felt as if you might be overwhelmed by the sheer weight of checked shirts and padded jackets, this store feels a little more of the moment. It is also a highly sustainable store, by local standards, with repurposed wood, plastic bottles and organic cotton all forming part of both the shop structure and the products that are on display.

Worth noting too is the lighting. The overall impression is one of darkness with light oases and the retro 50s-style graphics (particularly on the staircase at the back, which features framed Superdry t-shirts that look as if they could have been pulled off James Dean’s back), make this a moody store environment.

Overall, this is a good thing for Oxford Street, which is currently in need of new blood.