Supreme Good Looks in Berlin

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A wall covered with skateboards, a small fighter jet with hand-like wingtips and a polished hunk of rock that acts as a bench. Couple all of this with a planked wooden ceiling punctuated with sawtooth-style skylights and a smooth concrete floor and you will have the latest offering from cult skater brand Supreme, this time in Berlin.

The store is, almost inevitably, in the German capital’s Mitte district, the area where all the big labels that seek to be young, as well as aspirational in terms of price, have set up shop. The building itself is a former garage and has about it a Bauhaus meets Deco feel, all of which accords with current fashion for the streetwear cohort.

In total, it looks goods in an agitprop sort of manner and with VF Corporation as the new owner of the brand (alongside The North Side and Vans, among others), Supreme is well-placed to continue along its well-heeled path.


Pics: Supreme