Swarovski Reinvents Itself in Milan

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From time to time, brands seek to reinvent themselves not through their merchandise, but through the vehicles from which they sell. The freshly minted Swarovski store in Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a case in point.

This is not a big store, but it sings out to passing shoppers almost entirely owing to its colour: gold. In the normal run of things, a Swarovski store in Europe has a colour palette that is a mix of a muted red, royal blue and, of course, sparkly crystal. In Milan, by contrast, all of this is absent and in its place is an interior where gold covers the multitude of boxes of different sizes and shapes that have been used to cover the walls.

Each box is, in effect, a display case for Swarovski stock. All of the boxes are arranged so that they have no tops allowing the shopper to see in to take a look at the crystal confection that lies within.

In total, this means a shop that is almost impossible to ignore as a progress is made through the Galleria’s grand interior. A further 27 stores of this kind are planned across Europe for 2021.