Sweet Beginnings and Summering in Nantucket | Olivela’s Story

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Olivela, founded by Stacey Boyd, was started with a mission to do good – supporting at risk girls across the globe to get an education.  The company had an entirely online presence until this summer when it launched its Summer Pop-Up in Nantucket: a concept shop that will introduce the new season and a bring customers closer to the cause.

Being the first physical store, it is not only offering a full immersive and socially-impactful fashion experience, but also a big effort to support the education for at-risk girls around the globe.

The 850 square foot space, designed by HMKM,that will display summer trends, new fragrances, and fresh beauty products, is also evoking Olivela’s transparency thanks to the interactive displays that allow shoppers to see in sharp detail the direct impact of the good that each item in the store can have in the world.

They also created the Experience Suite, launching the hashtag #TheOlivelaEffect to raise the awareness of this “newborn”, giving the clients the opportunity to share their experience with the online community.

The technological innovations are not over yet. Clients can interact and learn everything about their favorite designer products while understanding the benefit their purchase has on the world.

Olivela has a wide range of brands like Burberry, Givenchy, Prada, Jason Wu, Stella McCartney and Valentino among many others and HMKM accepted the challenge to show Olivela’s potential at its best.

MiND was given the opportunity to ask Olivela’s CEO and Founder, Stacey Boyd, about the brand and its amazing impact on the world.

What was the inspiration behind creating Olivela?

“Olivela was founded after a trip I took with Malala Yousafzai to refugee camps in Kenya and Rwanda – the real ‘ah ha’ moment was reaching into my handbag for my camera to photograph some of the girls I had seen, and realizing that the cost of the purse itself could have made such a tremendous difference to the girls around me.

I started working on Olivela as soon as I returned home. I wanted to create a platform that allows consumers to make a difference simply by purchasing the same fashion, jewelry, accessories or beauty products they are buying regardless – it’s a simple way to do good on a daily basis.”

"Our goal is for every girl in every corner of the world to have access to a world-class education."

Why did you choose fashion for this initiative over other industries?

“I knew there was a tremendous amount of consumer power to be harnessed in fashion. What better way to apply this power than towards the potential to change girls’ lives. You can ensure that at-risk girls receive a vital education by doing nothing more than purchasing a great dress, shoe, handball or lipstick.

How do you select the causes that you support?

“All of Olivela’s cause partners have a mission to provide education for at-risk girls around the globe. They’re all chosen from a very personal place. I visited Jordan this year and when I saw the incredible work that CARE was doing there, knew we had to be a part of it. We launched the ‘Creating Choices’ program pairing Syrian refugee girls in Jordan who were at imminent risk of becoming child brides with an incredible group of influencers from the fashion world – each of the influencers curated a boutique to fund a year of school for one of the girls.”

"We've kept 31 of these girls in school and out of child marriage so far!"

What led you to open the pop up store in Nantucket?

“Given the success we’ve had with our e-commerce site, we felt this was the natural next step to take:  to open a pop-up, allowing customers to interact with the product, the causes and understand our incredible partners on a more personal level!

And we couldn’t have asked for a warmer reception in Nantucket! We ended up opening even earlier than we had planned because of all the interest in the store and have so enjoyed getting to know our new neighbors”

What has been the most rewarding part of the journey so far?

“Bar none, meeting and hearing the stories of the girls whom Olivela has helped”