Sweetening The Milk Market in Maiden Bradley

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Milk is one of those commodities that a lot of people buy, but few find particularly interesting. Even the arrival of organic milk vending machines, which are dotted around the UK countryside these days and in some select foodie areas of the bigger cities, has done little to raise the tempo.

Visit a pub in the Wiltshire Village of Maiden Bradley however and this view might be altered. In the car park of the newly refurbished Bradley Hare there is what looks like an open-fronted garden shed in which there is an organic milk dispenser and next to it another machine offering reusable milk bottles. The trick that has been played in this instance, however, is that next to the milk machine there are a row of bottles of flavoured syrup which can be added to the product being bought. Add this and Hey Presto! – a milkshake.

All of which goes to show that even the most workaday item can be made exciting (a syrup shot costs £0.50p) if a little thought is given to what it being done.